No cable/internet,feeling sick and updates

I was limited in what I could have worked on next week on Thurs April 30, the construction on my street nicked my cable/internet line. Because it was high time for cable installations/removals it wasn’t fixed until May 8. The company did credit me for two weeks.

All I had was my cell phone data.  I did what I could to keep things updated for the radio hosts. I went to my parents and did a week of This Week In History for The Jack Blood Show.  It was driving me crazy with all the news stories going on and I can’t watch/listen.

On the experiment with the Apple Cider Vinegar vs the mole, the mole is gone but there is still a bump and still healing.

As some people know, I have been trying to lose weight and get healthy. I started at 187lbs and I am down to 180lbs. I am taking my time to lose it correctly. I changed my eating habits and try to exercise when I can.  I even bought a Vivofit and use Zombies Run! while I run. I will review them in future posts.

On my health, I been under the weather for a couple months now. I been having migraines, fatigue, and pain in my stomach and back. There are also times I been very confused and barely function. I went to the doctor in April for the migraines and the lump on my back. He found nothing wrong at the visit and gave me the normal paperwork for the blood tests. I got a call back the next day and they wanted another blood test and an ultrasound done but not saying what they are testing for. I got the second blood test done, I have the ultrasound this week.  I have a feeling I know what it is because my brother had the same test with the same instructions and the symptoms match. I already started the diet that reverse just in case.

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