Dress Code

Lately there is a lot talk on how women/girls are treated in schools via dress codes. Some women/girls have been punished for wearing clothes that show shoulders, backs, and bra straps. The schools think will be a sexual distraction to the boys is and it punishes the wearer, not the one that was “distracted.”

In Moncton, NB, Canada, a teen wore a dress that shows her shoulders and back and got detention. When she wore a letter to a school official to complain on how the policy was bias, she was suspended. She wore the same dress to a job interview and hired.

When I was in school, they way dress code is presented is to prepare you for the mainstream workforce. I work in a call centre most of the week, even through we are not out in the public, there is still a dress code which is business causal. I worked at a factory as well and dress code was more for safety. In both places, management has sent people home to change. It is up to that business what should or not be allowed to be worn because when at work, they represent the business.

The dress code in most places has always been focused mostly on the women. Decades before a woman wearing pants was considered a sexual distraction. Most women dress for comfort. I wear t-shirts or hoodies and jeans with flat shoes.

It is up the business or school to have their own dress codes but as the times change it should be reviewed from time to time. I don’t think the gender bias will end anytime soon.

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