My Zombie Life – The Recording (Zombies Run! Fan Fiction)

By Kristen Coughlan

Before the Zombie Plaque I did many jobs: data entry, website
designer, paper delivery, factory worker, and call centre
worker. The economy was bad and jobs didn’t last long. They
either went out of business or laid off workers to send the jobs

When I wasn’t working, me and some friends were working to
restore an old hotel on a large piece of land in the country
side. We pooled in our money and won it in an auction. It used
to be a getaway for the rich during Victoria Times. We planned
to fixed it up and either make it into a business or sell it.
One of the plans to make it off the grid and self-suffant. We
lived in rooms that were fixed up until the construction was

I left the city with my two cats, some computers, a video
camera, books, and my gaming systems. I took up a room in the
top floor of the hotel. My cats made sure that the rat
population was low.

We repaired the stone walls and gate first. We didn’t want
anyone to break in to steal our equipment. Then we planted a
large vegetable garden. Jenny build two large freerange chicken
coops. One for just eggs and the other for breeding. Matt bought
some goats. We sold our extra produce at a farmer’s market.

In the months before the zombie outbreak, there was all this
news of gun violence and the need to take away guns and weapons.
Blake, our carpander friend started buying up guns and ammo
believing that facsim was coming and we need to have weapons
before it was too late. Some of the communities already banned
having guns. The police came to search for ours but Blake had
hidden them very well due to his skills.

Lucy, our gardener friend, started believing in the doomsday
rumours and started talking us into storing some of our extra
produce in case of an emergency. Artie, our electrican friend
began making things to make power. He made a charger out of a
excercise bike to recharge batteries on equipment while we

Not long later, the outbreak began. Due to the lack of guns and
other weapons many of the commuities were wiped out quickly. We
took in what survivors we could. Most were refugees heading to
Abel Township, New Canton, Skoobs, or Red Settlement.

We decided to devolop a neutral policy. We set up relations
with the Runners so that if they need a place to stay if the
hordes are too large to move through or too injured to be
carried far. The injuried are always quartined until we are sure
they were they were not infected.

I became the person that ran the communications at our outpost.
Jenny became our Runner 1 and Matt our Runner 2 but they only go
out when it is nessary.

We shared our extra goods with the other settlements. Most of
the settlements usually takes the unhatched chicken eggs. Abel
Township Runner 3, one time came to take some of our extra cats
to help get rid of mice getting into our food storage and
prevent any spend of diease. We know the last thing need is an
outbreak of the black plague.

Soon we were getting news of the lost of Skoobs. One of their
Runners managed to make to our gates but as he entered, he
turned Zom and Blake shot him. There were rumours of fast
zombies going around since. Jenny was about to head to Abel
Township with Harry Potter books and some toys Blake build for
the children when we heard the news Abel was attacked and
destoryed. Jenny and Matt went to find some of the refugees
before the Zoms got them. Most refugees went to New Canton. I
relayed information to Eugene, Sam Yao and Nadia. I knew Eugene
was not going to be to happy about New Canton declaring him and
Jack dead and hijacking their signal. Eugene and Jack were good

I am making this recording from the panic room. A rocket from a
helocoper blew the walls to the settlement. We are swarmed with
Zoms. Artie is the only other one that made it to the panic room
with me. Everyone else was taken out by the zoms. Luckly we
didn’t have many visitors. Artie already made his recording. The
long range communications have been taken out, we are trying to
reach others on short range, hoping a Runner can pick up out
signal . . .

“Victoria Outpost to anyone . . .”


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