Review: Inside Out (Spoilers)

Inside Out is a movie about the emotional voices inside the head of a 11 year old girl named Riley by Disney/Pixar.

Joy keeps her happy, Fear keeps her safe, Angry keeps her life fair, Disgust keeps her from being poisoned physically and socially, and at the start of the movie the other voices cannot understand what Sadness’s job is. Joy always wants Riley to be happy. Every action by the emotions, creates memories coloured but the emotion that caused it.

Over time, Riley is personality is created by core memories and in her mind creates islands of Family, Honesty, Hockey, Goofball, and Friendship. All the core memories are happy.

The movie starts when Riley’s family moves to San Francisco, Joy tries to keep the move happy but Sadness tries to help and when she touches a memory it turns into a sad memory and it cannot be changed back. When Sadness creates a core memory caused by her crying at school, Joy tries to stop it by sending it to long term memory. Sadness tries to stop her and they both get sucked to long term memory.

While Fear, Disgust, and Angry try to navigate Riley in Joy’s absence, Joy and Sadness are trying to get back. They meet Riley imaginary friend Bing-Bong and navigate through Riley’s mind. Over time, Joy finds from what Sadness is for from her comforting Bing-Bong and old memories.

This was a great movie. Picking Lewis Black as Anger was genius. I love the joke about how songs are stuck in the head. The movie is really funny. Normally I don’t see comedy movies in the theatre but I  love animated movies by studios Pixar and Dreamworks.

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